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tactikPAK will help you SHATTER THE GRAY MATTER.

tactikPAK™...What is it?

It’s a portable crash course. A fun, interactive learning system. Take your digital tutor with you. On your smartphone or tablet. Choose your mobile mentor: ebook or app.


Quickly master each subject with a few key principles. Each main point relates to a specific strategy in the form of an acronym. Each letter in the acronym explains that principle in more detail.


tactikPAK™...How to use it?

There are 3 handy ways to use each module.


1. Get an Overview.                                   

Review all key principles and their corresponding acronyms. Then, consider where you want to begin concentrating your efforts. Try to implement all the principles in one integrated plan.


2. Focus on 1 Principle at a Time.

Choose an acronym and master one card at a time.


3. Combine Several Principles.  

By pairing principles together, you can actually plan, activate and implement your advertising strategies

and decide what specific “tactiks" will create the impact you want.


For example, in the Advertising module, once you know your target, you can develop your concept

(M-E-S-S-A-G-E) and create a tagline (S-L-O-G-A-N) to establish your positioning (in the M-I-N-D of the consumer).


After you’ve identified your target and created your concept, tagline and position, you are prepared to consider:

            How to P-O-S-E it (the product) in the marketplace.

            How to R-E-A-C-H (which media) your audience.

            How O-F-T-E-N (what amount of frequency) to present the message.

            How to increase S-A-L-E-S (what kind of promotion).




It’s an exciting, fit-in-your-pocket business tool. Designed to inspire innovative and creative thinking, tactikPAK™ courses are now available in many topics, including:



  Ad Strategy




•  Presentation       


  Public Relations 




It’s that simple. In fact, applying tactikPAK™ principles couldn’t be easier. Use the series to:

Spark creative ideas

 Sensitize your marketing sensors

 Stimulate your right brain into action


Each one of the tactikPAK™ ebooks and apps examines a specific principle. Every principle has a matching acronym. For example, in Copywriting, G-R-A-S-P reminds you to understand and then incorporate consumer research. Use the information to guide the creative solution. This will help you develop an on-target and on-strategy message.


Focus your attention on the key points as you go through the modules, acronym by acronym. Identical word endings unify that module. For instance, Copywriting has "ance" at the end of each key word. You’ll find the interactive quizzes are fun to do. And they’ll make it easy to master each course in a flash!


The tactikPAK™ series (Patent Serial No. 08/002,155) was created by Margo Berman, an award-winning creative talent, recognized advertising professor, author, inventor and corporate trainer.


Discover other Creative Catalyst Unlock The Block, Inc. products. And, get ready to...Shatter The Gray Matter!™

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