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Promo Think

What Works

How To Do It

How do you promote your business, your products, your service, even yourself?  Start by asking yourself what your objective is: More visibility? More publicity? More clients?


By analyzing your objectives and working backwards, you can more clearly understand what where to begin. All your questions can be answered when you know what you’re trying to accomplish.

Promotion requires pre-program evaluation and post-campaign analysis. In short: What should we do? And how well did we do it? You may try different media. Different messages. Different approaches. Keep what works. Discard what doesn’t.


If you could hire both an inside assistant and an outside PR firm, you’d have a solid grip on your public relations program. If not, how can you strengthen it?

Each step of this Promotion workshop focuses on a specific principle. It might remind you to focus on developing a relationship with your customer or client. It might remind you to evaluate your campaign.


Simply apply that kind of strategic thinking as you go through the sections, acronym by acronym. And, you’ll be a promotional genius in minutes!

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