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Writing Think

Stay in Flow

Writing. It seems as if it’s no big deal. Everyone can do it. Just put your pen to paper - or your hand to keyboard - and that’s it. After all, you learned to write way back in grade school. You put a few words together. And, voilà, you were writing sentences.


So what’s the problem? If the act of writing is so easy, why is writing so hard? Actually, all you’re doing is writing your ideas down. So someone else can understand them.

What exactly do you have to do to improve your writing? How do you develop flow? How do you keep the reader reading? How do you organize your ideas? And, where do you start? Start anywhere. It will minimize the fear of beginning.


To create flow, don’t break when you’re “in the zone.” Finish putting your thoughts down as they come to you. If you don’t feel ready to break, postpone it. Go as far as you can before you interrupt the flow.

Write Tight

Each step of this Writing workshop focuses on a specific principle. One might suggest you find a writing process that works for you. Another might remind you to delete superfluous words. Yet another might tell you to use descriptive adjectives.


Simply apply that kind of integrated thinking as you go through each section, acronym by acronym. And, you’ll master writing in minutes!          

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