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Copy Think

What does it take to write great ad copy? Clever headlines? Catchy slogans? Compelling visuals? Cohesive campaigns? Yes all that and more.


You must also understand your audience. You must know how they live. What they value. How they liked to be reached. And whether they want to be engaged.


The Three Rs

To best reach your target audience, you must think of them three-dimensionally and understand what’s important to them.


That’s how you can create a campaign that demonstrates the Three Rs: Messages that are RELEVANT and RESONATE with authenticity are REMEMBERED.

Strategy Above All

Each step of this copywriting workshop focuses on a specific principle. This guides the creative solution towards an on-target and on-strategy message.


Focus your attention on the key points as you go through the module, acronym by acronym. And, you’ll master copywriting in minutes!

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