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Design Think

Visual Impact

Designing. What is it? What skills do you need? Do you need to be able to draw? To illustrate? To sketch out your ideas? Or can you still design without being an artist? Surprisingly, you can. How? By understanding the elements of good design.

Start honing your design skills by becoming a better observer.


What corporate material or promotional messages have you seen that you thought looked terrific? Every time you see something graphically wonderful, make a copy or take a photo.

Ask yourself what makes each piece work? Can you separate and identify the elements that added to its impact? Was it the visual? Was it the typography? Was it the use of color? Was it the position of the graphics?


As you learn to analyze what works, you’ll be able to incorporate those elements into your design. The more you sensitize yourself to “what’s out there,” the stronger your sense of design.

Compelling Design

Each step of this Design workshop focuses on a specific principle. Each principle has a matching acronym. Every acronym offers one simple word as a trigger to help you remember to implement that principle.


Simply apply that kind of integrated thinking as you go through the sections, acronym by acronym. And, you’ll be a master designer in minutes!

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