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Public Relations

Public Relations

PR Think


General Interest

Public Relations. Just what exactly is it? Is it getting articles in the paper about your company? Is it getting interviewed on TV? Is it persuading your public about your firm’s benefits? Is it creating special events? Is it compiling a list of people in the media (press)? Is it sending out press releases (articles) about your company?


Yes to all the above. And more. If you manage your Public Relations (PR) properly, you can generate a great deal of “free press.”

Why is an article more believable than a print, online or broadcast ad? Because someone other than the company is saying it.


Before you start, ask yourself what you’re trying to accomplish in your PR campaign. The more specific you can be in your objectives, the more likely you are to create a campaign that will target the right reporters, and right public, with the right message.

Remember to ask yourself, if you were the reader of this publication, would your story interest you? Be honest with yourself. If it wouldn’t, could you change it so it would?


Each step of this public relations module focuses on a specific principle. Simply apply that kind of integrated thinking as you go through the module, acronym by acronym. And, you’ll master PR in minutes!

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