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Ad Think

Ask Yourself

Advertising. It isn’t rocket science. Or brain surgery. It's launching or re-establishing a product in the marketplace. And then, positioning that product in the mind of the consumer. If you break marketing down to its basic components, it's a lot easier to understand.


Before you start, remind yourself why you're advertising in the first place: to create results.

What do you want? More traffic. More sales. More awareness. So always, always, always...think like the consumer (target audience). And work backwards. Ask yourself, what are the results I want? What am I trying to accomplish? What do I want the consumer to do?


The good news is, in marketing there are always several right answers, not just one!

Show and Tell

Remember to 1) become your consumer and ask 2) what's in it for me? These are your GPS and steering wheel.


Each step of this advertising workshop focuses on a specific principle. Simply apply that kind of integrated thinking as you go through each section, acronym by acronym. And, you’ll be an advertising maven in minutes!

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