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Strategy Think

Start at the end. Where are you headed? What are your goals? Decide those and set your path to get there.


How? With the CPS: Creative Positioning System. Like your GPS, it's the foundation of your campaign.

Strategy has many parts: creative, audience, message, visual, interactivity, media, etc. They all need to work together


Create Message


Engage Audience

The Creative Brief is your guide. It defines your audience and requires an on-target, on-strategy message. Answer the 14 questions and you know where you’re headed.

Learn what’s important to your audience.

Remember the three R’s: A message that’s RELEVANT and RESONATES with authenticity is REMEMBERED.

Focus on the benefits. The W-I-I-F-M: What’s In It For Me? If it doesn’t help consumers, they’ll tune out. Every message should create interaction. Spark a discussion. And inspire sharing. Every brand has to tap into the audience’s self-interest.


Ask them questions. Invite reviews. And, most importantly, reward their participation. Thank them by giving them what they want. So, they stay involved.

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