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Resume Think

The Pitch

The Focus

How do you promote yourself? How do you create a resume that stands out from the others? Start by asking yourself what your objective is. First decide what you are communicating.


Then, who is your target audience? And, last what is the reaction you expect to create. By starting backwards, you can more clearly understand where to begin. If you were reviewing resumes, what would you need to see to stimulate your interest?

What should you lead with? What should you close with? What should sit in the middle? Where do you want to draw the reader’s attention? Your education? Your skills? Your results? Your awards?


By prioritizing what’s important to the reader, you’ll be able to single out those areas to showcase.


The best way to look at your resume is to consider it your first interview. So, exactly what would you say to land the job?



Each step of this Resume workshop focuses on a specific principle. It reminds you to present your strength of character and your ability to inspire others.


What you say and how you say it will give your resume focus.


Remember to strategically analyze every aspect of your resume as you go through the section acronym by acronym. And, you’ll create a masterful resume in minutes!


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